Course curriculum

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    Welcome to the course!
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    Chapter 1: Wall Prep Foundations
    • This chapter explains the role of wall prep in the wallcovering installation process. You'll learn about the ideal wall, drywall finishing levels, and identifying necessary repairs...
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    Chapter 2: Assessment and Estimating
    • This chapter is all about common wall prep situations, setting client expectations, and when to subcontract your prep work...
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    Chapter 3: Choosing Tools and Primers
    • In this chapter, you'll see which tools you need for wall prep, as well as our handy guide for choosing the right primer.
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    Chapter 4: The Wall Prep Process
    • In this final chapter, you'll learn all the steps of the wall prep process and see a professional prepare a wall on a real job.
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    Part 5: Next Steps
    • Downloadable Resources: Take Your Learning With You
    • Some quick questions before you go...
    • Congratulations!
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    Wall Prep Final Exam
    • Wall Prep Final Exam