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    Welcome to the course!
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    • Get an overview of the course in this brief introduction.
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    Chapter 1: Workspace Setup
    • In this chapter, you'll learn guidelines and best practices for setting up your workspace and table. You'll also learn professional pasting techniques for working clean at your table.
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    Chapter 2: Workspace Safety
    • Safety is a top priority. Learn tips from the pros about safely using cutting tools and equipment, and other guidelines to help keep yourself and your work area safe.
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    Chapter 3: Inspecting Goods
    • In this final section, we'll give you the complete rundown of what to look for when inspecting your wallcovering. From patterns and run numbers to reverse rolling, you'll have all the skills you need to ensure you're installing the best possible product.
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    Next Steps
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    Setting Up Your Professional Workspace Final Exam
    • Setting Up Your Professional Workspace Final Exam