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    Welcome to the course!
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    Introduction to Primers, Liners and Adhesives
    • This introduction provides a high-level understanding of how of primers, liners and adhesives work together to ensure long-lasting adhesion.
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    Chapter 1: Introduction to Primers
    • In this chapter, you'll get a detailed look at wallcovering primers: The different types, how they are used, and guidelines for professional application...
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    Chapter 2: Introduction to Liners
    • This chapter takes a close look at liners: Different types, uses, and installation techniques...
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    Chapter 3: Introduction to Adhesives
    • In this chapter, you'll learn all about adhesives: An overview of common types, when to use them, and a video demonstration of proper application techniques.
  • 6
    Chapter 4: An overview of trusted brands and products.
    • Section overview
    • Roman Decorating Products
    • Zinsser (Rustoleum)
    • Dynamite (Gardner-Gibson)
    • Draw-Tite (Scotch Paint Corporation)
    • Where to buy your products
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    Chapter 5: Choosing the Right Product
    • How do you choose the right product for the job? In this chapter, we'll listen to a panel of experts provide insight into their decision-making process.
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    Next Steps
    • Take Your Learning With You: Valuable Downloadable Resources
    • Some quick questions before you go...
    • Course complete!
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    Primers, Liners and Adhesives Final Exam
    • Primers, Liners and Adhesives Final Exam